The first ever Stereoscopic 3D Dracula movie

A client, Appco Direct, needs an article; but for the time being I’d prefer discuss something else. How about blood sucking vampires and gory films?

Bram Stoker hailed from Dublin; well, this is someone that everyone knows. Next April, it would be his 100th death anniversary. Before that, as a tribute to his masterpiece work ‘Dracula’, a film would hit screens all over the world.

‘Saint Dracula’, produced by BizTV Network, becomes the first ever stereoscopic 3D film to be made on the story of Dracula. The notable thing about this movie is that this is not an adaptation of the Bram Stoker story, but an inspiration treated in a totally different manner. ‘Saint Dracula’ delves into the life of Vlad III, the prince of Wallachia who most likely was Bram Stoker’s inspiration in writing ‘Dracula’. The film traces the love story of Vlad III, who is seen as a hero in Romanian folklore and literature.

It’s an Indian director Rupesh Paul who helms the movie, which has British actor Mitch Powell playing the protagonist while Patricia Duarte, Daniel Shayler, Suzanne Roche, Anna Burkholder and Lawrence Larkin are part of the cast. The film has been shot exclusively in the UK and will be premiered in December this year.

July 2012 will witness another 3D Dracula movie hitting the screens. That will be by the Italian director Dario Argento and will Thomas Kretschmann playing Dracula.


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